What I love the most about this wonderful city is the feeling of being at home. For me Barcelona looks like Buenos Aires in some way, people talking loudly all the time, the similarities of the buildings and a lot of Argentinian everywhere.  TRANSPORTATION: The Airport was really nice and surprisingly quiet and organized. The…

New Trend of lodging

The trending today in Tourism is to stand out, there is a new kind of business around when it comes to lodging. People are changing and the brands are getting a second place over the local experience. More and more tourist decided they want to rent a house or a flat over a hotel room,…

Ellis Island: a journey to the past.

More than 12 million immigrants entered the United States through Ellis Island, dreaming with a bright new future, here the 3rd class needed to complete the immigration procedure.

Tax Free en Uruguay

En varios de los viajes realizados a Uruguay note que mucha gente no está familiarizada con esto, el reintegro de impuestos.

Know the “Porteños”

When you decide to visit this amazing city, you need to consider a few thing. There are so many statements about the city and the Argentinians, I will try to show you the way to handle the visit to this city.

The traditional “Asado”

Here we have a tradition and a meal all in one. This is more than just food, It`s part of our identity. The tradition began in the countryside, it`s attached to the Gaucho figure, this character were field workers and wonder the land with the cattle.