New Trend of lodging

The trending today in Tourism is to stand out, there is a new kind of business around when it comes to lodging. People are changing and the brands are getting a second place over the local experience. More and more tourist decided they want to rent a house or a flat over a hotel room,…

What about Flea Markets in BA?

Flea Markets are great spots to find furniture and decorations with a good price. Secondhand shopping will save you tons of money if you know how to do it. Buenos Aires is a full of this kind of markets, most of them are located in San Telmo, Palermo or Colegiales. If you want to know…

National Dish: Locro

The main dish during National Holidays is Locro. A stew with vegetables and a variety of meat. The beginning of this meal is actually uncertain. It is said that comes from the Incan civilization, the main ingredients was pumpkin, beans, corn, potatoes and meat, and today they still being the principal. Another countries do this…

Mind the gap: BA underground

When we talk about to transportation the Subway is the better way, connecting most of the Capital Federal, this is the fastest way to explore the city. The Subway is divided in several lines from A till E and two special routes that are H and P. The main line for me is the C…

Chinatown Belgrano

Buenos Aires’ Chinatown, locally known as “Barrio Chino”, is a largely commercial section in Belgrano neighborhood. The area is known for the chinese community but another Asian have their presence here, the other majorities are Taiwanese and Japanese.

An introduction to BA.

Buenos Aires is officially known as “Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires” or “Capital Federal”, is the capital of Argentina. This city is amazing because cultures from many places meet here to create our own.

Know the “Porteños”

When you decide to visit this amazing city, you need to consider a few thing. There are so many statements about the city and the Argentinians, I will try to show you the way to handle the visit to this city.

The traditional “Asado”

Here we have a tradition and a meal all in one. This is more than just food, It`s part of our identity. The tradition began in the countryside, it`s attached to the Gaucho figure, this character were field workers and wonder the land with the cattle.

Travel with Buquebus

Buquebus is a ferry boat terminal located in Puerto Madero. This company is Argentinian and Uruguayan and has their own place with 7 vessels, the most important one is Francisco, the high speed ferry.