What to expect during Nationals Holidays

What I like the most about my country is the National Festivities we have, for me is the best way to see our traditions. Food, dance and events are connected to show what we are made of. First, let’s start with the festivity list: April 2nd: “Día del Veterano y de los Caídos en la…

Mind the gap: BA underground

When we talk about to transportation the Subway is the better way, connecting most of the Capital Federal, this is the fastest way to explore the city. The Subway is divided in several lines from A till E and two special routes that are H and P. The main line for me is the C…

An introduction to BA.

Buenos Aires is officially known as “Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires” or “Capital Federal”, is the capital of Argentina. This city is amazing because cultures from many places meet here to create our own.

Know the “Porteños”

When you decide to visit this amazing city, you need to consider a few thing. There are so many statements about the city and the Argentinians, I will try to show you the way to handle the visit to this city.

Travel with Buquebus

Buquebus is a ferry boat terminal located in Puerto Madero. This company is Argentinian and Uruguayan and has their own place with 7 vessels, the most important one is Francisco, the high speed ferry.

BA Airport

In Argentina we have two main airports, the international one called Ministro Pistarini and the domestic one called Jorge Newbery.