What about Flea Markets in BA?

Flea Markets are great spots to find furniture and decorations with a good price. Secondhand shopping will save you tons of money if you know how to do it. Buenos Aires is a full of this kind of markets, most of them are located in San Telmo, Palermo or Colegiales. If you want to know…

Chinatown Belgrano

Buenos Aires’ Chinatown, locally known as “Barrio Chino”, is a largely commercial section in Belgrano neighborhood. The area is known for the chinese community but another Asian have their presence here, the other majorities are Taiwanese and Japanese.

BA is all about Art: Graffitis

My friends and I had decided to do something different so we went to a Graffiti tour in Colegiales. Buenos Aires has an extraordinary collection of urban art culture. From political statements to the modern concepts in which this city has become one of the world’s most interesting places to explore the street art.

Top 5 attractions in San Telmo

What I love the most about this neighborhood is the old vibe we feel. You can transport yourself into different moments of the Argentinian history. Eclecticism is everywhere through the houses, the people and the culture.

El Zanjón: a tour underground

Located in the Main Street of San Telmo neighborhood is a place where you are able to stroll inside tunnels from 1830.

The greatest Museum of art in BA

The National Museum of Fine Art is the most prestigious of all, is located in Recoleta and has an amazing collection of Argentinian and International Artists.

Walking around La Boca

We made a visit to this well known neighborhood. You can rich the area by public buses, tour buses (the tourist information office from Buenos Aires sells tickets for a hop on/ hop off buses) and if you dare by car.