What I love the most about this wonderful city is the feeling of being at home. For me Barcelona looks like Buenos Aires in some way, people talking loudly all the time, the similarities of the buildings and a lot of Argentinian everywhere. 


The Airport was really nice and surprisingly quiet and organized. The only problem for me was getting out of it, I couldn’t find signs or people who help me out. Actually the subway is one of the main transportation but I was with one big suitcase and my hand luggage so I bought a private bus ticket with takes you up to downtown. 

I don’t know why but in Barcelona was really hard for me to use the public transportation, until now I’m still figuring out. So walking was always my first option and ride a bike the second. 

Other transportation I used was the double-decker Hop on Hop off, I never get this kind of touristic bus when I travel but here for me was a good option, I will explain it later.


Català is the main language of this area and everything is written with this charming language, I enjoy it very much. Of course all of them speak Spanish and If you are a foreigner with no knowledge of the language they are capable to communicate in English too.


I stayed in a Hostel really close to the Sagrada Familia, the neighborhood was ok, a little bit dark at night but there where a lot of restaurants to choose and It was close to one of the mains streets called Passeig de Sant Joan.

Barcelona have a lot to offer when it comes to accommodations, hostels and AirBnbs are one of the most requested to spend a holiday but there are cheap hotels too. 


Here I want to show you some of my favorites thing to do here.

Walking Free Tour: starting in the morning, this is a great opportunity to explore the city without paying a lot, the main topic is the history of the city for free and also offers alternatives excursions with a thematic or a topic with a cheap price. 

The walking tour I took explore the Gothic neighborhood mostly, interesting things happened here and of course it’s a beautiful place to walk around and take pictures, but what I recommend is to get a map because is easy to get lost. 

The perfect stop for a snack is the “Mercat St. Josep” also known as “La Boqueria” is in La Rambla neighborhood, next to the Gothic quarter. So if you are hungry do not hesitate to get inside, everything you are expected from a city like this is here. I decided to try some of the stuff, so for €3 you will get a small cone with a mix of Prosciutto, Cheese and Salami, for grabbing a bite it nice and it allows you to keep walking, them you need to go for the sweets, I really was trying to find a typical sweet to eat, so a traditional catalán “Turrón de yema quemada” translated as burnt egg yolk nougat and “Polvorón de Almendra” or Almond shortbread cookie are wonderful options. As the seller explain to me this are typical sweets on Christmas season and a good travel gift.

Visit the Sagrada Familia is a MUST. This amazing building design by Antonio Gaudí, will take your breath away. 

This Basílica is located in the neighborhood with the same name. It’s a Roman Catholic Church so to get inside you must wear a proper attire. Getting in is another main point to pay attention, my advice is to get your tickets as soon you decided to go because there is so many people trying to be there. I’m thinking I will do a properly article explaining about that later.

I’m going to pick up the thread, the story of this masterpiece began in 1874 when a local organization decided to do it. The cornerstone was officially laid on 19th March 1882. Gaudí took the project back in 1923, He was only able to deliver the Nativity facade due to an accident which took his life in 1926 so what we see is a mixture of old and new architecture combined. 

Go to “el Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta” and ride a bike, this is the perfect spot to do it, the maritime breeze, smooth bike routes and wonderful pictures spots will made your visit perfect. Here the sunset perfect time to explore because gives a new vibe of the shore. The restaurants opens and bars too, people started to come out and try to get a spot at one of this gastronomical area. (It was winter when I decided to go to Barcelona, so during summer as locals told me there are a bunch of tourists and Catalans around all the time).

Gaudi’s path is amazing to explore and something really characteristic of Barcelona. Next to downtown area are two of the most outstanding buildings Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. The first one is located at 43 on Paseo de Gracia, this project started in 1904 and finished in 1906, it was a full reformation of the building itself including the facade to create an architectonic masterpiece.

The other one, La Pedrera or Casa Milà, is located at 92 on Paseo de Gracia, this project was financed by Milà family between 1906 to 1912, they occupied the main floor and rented the other apartments. This place was known as La Pedrera due to the resemblance to an open quarry. 

The last part of Gaudí path finish in Park Güell, it is located almost outside the city but it is one of the most beautiful places to get an overview of the city. The entrance to Park Güell is for free but If you want to get inside the Municipality Garden, here is the interesting part, you must pay a fee. This huge project was assigned by Eusebi Güell to Gaudi to be an expression of the Catalan modernism.

Another attraction for the fútbol fans in the famous Camp Nou where we will find the Barcelona Fútbol Club. Located in Carrer d’Arístides Maillol. Actually there are many options to explore, of course one of the most exciting thing is to watch a fútbol match, other option is to visit with a private or group tour, Camp Nou offers tours with a variety of prices and I think for everyone. 

There are so many interesting things to see here that we couldn’t mention all of them, I think if you are visiting Barcelona for a few days this ones are the must, but if you have time I recommend you to explore more.