New Trend of lodging

The trending today in Tourism is to stand out, there is a new kind of business around when it comes to lodging.

People are changing and the brands are getting a second place over the local experience. More and more tourist decided they want to rent a house or a flat over a hotel room, of course this nowadays is a minority but it still increasing.

Be a host is what most people who have a place to rent are looking for, I think this is something to be aware, not everybody is capable to be and live as a host. For example, there are new webpages to book a house, a flat or a room. If you look closely you will notice the lack of interest in the place they rent because is messy, pictures are not good, have poor quality or is missing what I will define as the “Host commitment”.

I will speak for myself, when I book a place to stay I think in all of this details, the combination of design and the “Host commitment” is the key. So make yourself presentable before you put the place outside. This will ensure an engagement because if I have a great stay and I come back or I recommend a place to another person, I will think about where I stayed

This new Tourist look for Luxury sites to hidden places, going through local flavors and once in a lifetime experience , guests are increasing booking this kind of tourism along with their stay. Beyond the standard city apartment, non-traditional homes are seeing the largest increases over this last year. This show to us that guest are not looking for what we know as comfortable rooms, they want the whole experience so book a cottage, a treehouse, a boat is just a few examples of this.

So get this things in mind when you try to expand or introduce your brand into this world.