What about Flea Markets in BA?

Flea Markets are great spots to find furniture and decorations with a good price.

Secondhand shopping will save you tons of money if you know how to do it. Buenos Aires is a full of this kind of markets, most of them are located in San Telmo, Palermo or Colegiales. If you want to know better this neighborhoods to find exactly what you are looking for, first you need to understand the difference between the places, I must say that San Telmo is well-known for the Antiques Shops but if you know where to look there are spots around the neighborhood to find this bargains, Palermo and Colegiales are more focus on Flea Markets, a bunch of small business inside a big shed, also there are vintage shops around the town.

Getting back to my main purpose of the article, finding this Flea Markets are a nice way to furnish your place. A tip: when you visit check everything closely and be prepare, known by hand what you want, is the best way not be distracted by the amount of things, because sometimes the aspect of what you find is great from the outside but could be broken or damaged inside. One little thing is bargaining, of course we are in Argentina and most of them they don’t do this, but you will find some of them prepare to perform this action.

Please, take note to some stuff you must not buy on this places: we are going to start with bed clothes or clothes itself… I think is really disgusting and vulgar, this involves body fluids and could be infested. Electronics are another thing to avoid here, if you are looking for something vintage check some stores which are prepare to sell you this kind of things, flea markets are huge stores with everything they collect so this could fail.

A new interior design trend is to get old furniture (Vintage) but a lot of companies are trying to make their furniture look old, if I have to make an statement I will say It doesn’t look nice. Thanks to this we have to forget the “one of a kind” piece, this places are getting more and more like a retailer outlet so it’s hard to fight against the massive production. Just to let you know they added card payment to their business this is a great thing when you decided to buy a huge furniture.