ICEBAR Stockholm

Ice bars are everywhere today, a cool trend around the people who wants to get the ultimate bar experience.

I got the chance to be in the original ice bar. This place is located inside the ICEHOTEL in Stockholm, Sweden, also is considered the first Bar made of ice as it’s there since 2002.

Every year in April, everything change, the interior design is renewed with fresh new ideas, but where the ice came from?? In winter, the Torne River provides the ice for this place.

The Torne River is an amazing water length of 520 kilometers, it runs from the mountains down to the coast where the Bay of Bothnia is. The river is one of the four largest in Sweden. Actually as a fact is one of the last untouched rivers in Europe.

If you want to visit, you need to check first the ICEHOTEL in the city. This Bar is open all year and be aware that the temperature is around -7 degrees Celsius, that’s why they give you special clothing to go inside, despite I recommend you wear snickers, pants and a sweater because the coat and gloves they give to you do not cover everything so it is chilly.

Let’s talk about the inside, made of ice of course, sculptures, glasses, the counters and benches. They offer you the possibility to get a drink which is included with the entrance, the visit lasts 40 minutes and they have room for up to 60 people. A cool tip: families are more than welcome here, they have clothing for the kids and inside they give them a colorful non alcoholic beverage.

The experience is what we could say a taste of northern Sweden’s polar charm made it in a unique way.