Relax close downtown : Tigre

Tigre is a big city located 30 min from downtown, is one of the most well-known touristic sites in the surroundings of Buenos Aires.

The main area is compounded by narrow streets, a bunch of rivers and green spaces. Of course i´m not going to be objected because it is my hometown so I really want you to come to experience my city.

There are several ways to arrive by car, public transportation or by boat… the last one is an interesting thing to do, not many people can say “I arrive to the city by boat”. Another amazing thing is the Delta.

The Delta is a huge green area with hotels, restaurants and recreation spots to enjoy the day, you have the possibility to spend the night in a relaxing and peaceful place just a few minutes by boat. Nature is important, so be able to enjoy something like this I think It worth the trip.

The city downtown area is full with attractions sites, one thing I would like to mention is Tigre was never founded, so the characteristic display of spanish foundation is not here, the town hall is located next to the station, the main church is in another site, we don’t have a main square and the other main buildings are located in differents part of city.

The Port is one of the main attractions, tourist and locals take a boat ride to explore the channels. Tours and ferry boats are everywhere and gives the possibility to connect the city with the nature.

Talking about tourist attraction, we have to mention the Fruit Market, of course i must say the only fruit they sell is in the name, It was at the beginning a place to buy local products as mimbre, fruits and crafts. nowadays is one of the biggest outside shopping in the great Buenos Aires. Here you will find crafts, clothes, wood products, touristic tours, furniture and so on.

The place I love the most is Museo de Arte Tigre (Tigre Fine Arts Museum) is a french building from the XIX century with a great collection of Argentinian painters. The architecture itself take your breath away and of course the views are spectacular too.

This city is the perfect mixture of green and concrete. Hotels are around town and in the Delta, restaurants and bars are at hand too, If I can give you an advice I would say WALK, the city is always full of people on weekends so  to arrive, park and departure is complicated these days, but If you have the chance… leave your car and explore this place.