National Dish: Locro

The main dish during National Holidays is Locro. A stew with vegetables and a variety of meat.

The beginning of this meal is actually uncertain. It is said that comes from the Incan civilization, the main ingredients was pumpkin, beans, corn, potatoes and meat, and today they still being the principal. Another countries do this too like Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Perú. The European culture influenced as well this dish, adding pork, chorizo and other cows insides.

In addition of this fact, there are a lot of recipes so there are more than one way to do it, but the only thing that still the same is the cooking procedure that involves a few hours over the fire and the vegetable base. The prominent ingredient is the Pumpkin, and is the reason why the color is yellow/orange and creamy.

This dish is often eaten in Winter and it is nutritive too. Enjoy it!