Rosario is always close

You just need 3hs by car to arrive at Rosario. This city is located in Santa Fe province and is an enjoyable place to escape the routine.

Rosario is one of the major cities outside Buenos Aires province and it is along Parana river. The foundation is not clear yet but it is said that on October 7th of 1793 this city was established. Since then this area just grow and grow till today. It is considered one of the most important cities in the country thanks to the economy, culture, education, etc, that has been developed.


This town culturally speaking is really famous, a lot of personalities from different field were born. Today you are able to enjoy theaters like el Circulo, cultural complexes, museums everywhere from art to history, cinemas, monuments like Monumento a la Bandera (national flag monument), football connected to this two teams Rosario Central and Newell’s old boys and of course the path of this personalities like Messi, Che Guevara, Antonio Berni, Fontanarrosa….


A weekend is the ideal time to be here, I know there is too much to do but in small doses is the best. Take time to walk around, sit and drink a coffee inside the Modern Art Museum (by the way is located in a restored silo), be in touch with our history in the national flag monument which is also the postcard of this city or take your children or your own to the Invention Island inside the old train station.

Don’t worry about accommodations because you have plenty to choose, from 5 stars to hostel, there is a place for everyone. What else I could add to this wonderful city? Is the gastronomy: typical meals from Argentina and of course International cuisine is easy to find.


By the way I must mention something related to safety, Rosario is actually well known as an insecure city, robbery and scams are in every corner do to the massive poverty located inside, be aware all the time and take the necessary measures to get a nice weekend.

I really expect you give Rosario a chance to amuse you, great things are waiting for you to discover.