BA is all about Art: Graffitis

Me and my friends had decided to do something different so we went to a Graffiti tour in Colegiales. Buenos Aires has an extraordinary collection of urban art culture. From political statements to the modern concepts in which this city has become one of the world’s most interesting places to explore the street art.

We started in Colegiales neighborhood, looking at a massive mural from two different artist. The guide explained to us about the history of the Graffiti, this movement began in the Bronx (USA) around the 70’ and it was associated with vandalism‍ and hip hop music. It is said that the Graffiti movement is just for Graffiti artist, why? Because of the different aspects like language and culture.

I was amused with this kind of art so I did my research to give you some information, the location is everywhere but here on this tour we visit Colegiales and some parts of Palermo.

The term graffiti referred to the inscriptions, this has been since ancient time. Writing or drawing on the wall for other to watch. In modern times, the materials vary from each artist, spray, paint and markers are the most used because is quick and is connected with illegal activities for example to be part of a gang, this concept finally is changing for better, today is really easy to get the owner’s permission to explore your art on the wall.

There are different concepts connected with Graffitis and Mural, I must start with the personal aspect, artist want to express using this technique but they don’t want to expose themselves so they invent an identity or they just remain anonymous.
The main problem I see is when It gets offensive, gangs and people make symbols or write phrases which goes against the Art, this could hurt or make a person feel bad and annoyed. Could be associated with racism, bullying, obscene, etc.

Political statements are the other most common way of seeing it. This has a negative connotation associated to rebels against the government in so many different aspects. This ones also try to remain anonymous but others has groups who supports this kind of activity. Inside this category is difficult to see murals for example because this is considered an illegal activity nowadays.

Other people use this movement to advertise their brand, companies cross path with this artists to get the mass and it’s a cool way to promote a product.

If we talk about the language of this Artists I can give you some word to help you figure out this art. This is connected with the technique and the ability of the painter.

STENCIL: is an easy and quick way to paint, you create a design and cut the shapes of it in a hard material, so when you are walking on the street you placed on the wall, spray and run.

TAGGING: is the classic technique of paint their own name, this weird letters we see around with this, sometimes, wonderful calligraphy is called Tag. Is the personal signature of the artist and gives the others some information about who is, if he/she belongs to a gang, the importance of the paint, etc.

PISSING: is another way of tagging, this term is related to replace the name of other artist with paint.

BOMBING: is a quick paint in one color and the speed is the key. The main purpose is to block the other on the wall.

STICKERS: this is adhesive paper added to the wall, could be the paint itself or a phrase, political reference and the options are a lot. Actually is not well accepted inside this community.