An introduction to BA.

Buenos Aires is officially known as “Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires” or “Capital Federal”, is the capital of Argentina. This city is amazing because cultures from many places meet here to create our own.

1) ART AND ARCHITECTURE: neighborhoods converge to create one of the most fascinating city in South America, you´ll see different part of the city history from the old city till the modern Era passing throw the arrival of the immigrant which gives the city an eclectic mix of architectural styles. If we talk about Art in Buenos Aires there are plenty of places to amuse you. Galleries, Museums, Theaters and artists are around all the time.

2)NIGHT LIFE: Nightlife scene is very charming, we are used to going out late so if you want to go dinner for example you could find it closed around 7pm and very crowded around 10pm; also you have options for everyone like a small and delightful bar, fancy restaurant, nice events and shows or crowded nightclubs. Here we enjoy 24/7.

3)FOOD AND WINE: You don’t know Buenos Aires until you’ve tried the asado (barbecue). We are well known for our high quality meet and wine, the ritual of preparing it is something we take very seriously. This is your chance to experience the most traditional Buenos Aires cuisine.

4)HISTORY: the main important attractions are located in the downtown area. The old city is located in Monserrat. There you can find the Argentine national government and houses, the president’s office known in Spanish as “La Casa Rosada”, the main spot to  start a journey to the history of the city and the country.

5) CULTURE: is very strong in Argentina. We have an obsession about Football, mate (an Argentinean traditional drink similar to a herbal tea) and Tango. Argentina is a land of immigrants, thanks to this the diverse cultures have come together to contribute the country’s unique language, cuisine, music, dance, religion, and architecture.