Top 5 attractions in San Telmo

What I love the most about this neighborhood is the old vibe we feel. You can transport yourself into different moments of the Argentinian history. Eclecticism is everywhere through the houses, the people and the culture.

Where I begin? There is so many thing to enjoy around this place, but here you have my top 5 attractions:

El Zanjón de Granados: about this Museum I give it to you a detailed guide inside the previous article. The most exciting thing is to walk underground the city, the tunnels are restored and tells you the history of San Telmo and the owners.

The Orthodox Church: this church is something different because of the architecture, the views gives you the chance to travel to Russia. They have guide visits but it only the second Sunday of the month at 3.30PM.

The Comic Stroll: the path will lead to through Puerto Madero, Monserrat and San Telmo. The main spot of the tour is Mafalda, actually people do lines to take a picture with this character. The others are part of our culture and some of them are well-known too, like Paturucito, Clemente, Yo Matias, Inodoro Pereyra, etc.

Plaza Dorrego: (Dorrego Square) on Sunday this square come to life. A typically
fair take place all over the area, here you will find mostly antiques and street tango shows so that’s everything you need to spend a nice evening. This is a classic  walking tour in San Telmo.

Defensa St.: start in Belgrano ave. and it end in Parque Lezama. The main attractions are here so I consider this street the hart of San Telmo. The splendor is during weekends, specifically on Sundays, it turn into a massive fair where you can get whatever you want to buy from clothes, antiques, crafts, food, just to mention a few.