The wonderful Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital of Republica Oriental del Uruguay, is the largest city in the country and the most populous.
You can feel the spirit of a small town here, they are polite, calm and charming. So this shocks you if you expect the common experience of a capital city.

There are many ways to arrive to this destination, the first one is by ferry boat with one of this companies Seacat, colonia express (by colonia del Sacramento), buquebus or cacciola. Another is by plane, the international airport is located in Carrasco neighborhood. By bus is not often used to get in town but the terminal 3 cruces is the most important bus terminal.
The city itself is divided in well defined neighborhoods. The oldest part of the city is Ciudad Vieja (old city) and once was the hart of this town, from here you can go to anywhere, if you decided to walk or accommodate on this area there are spots to be careful, don’t walk around at night and be aware of your belongings, this neighborhood is complicated but you cannot miss it!.

Really close is the Centro (city center) where the government established and here we have the main square called Plaza Independencia (Independence Square) with the memorial of Gral. José Artigas. Palacio Salvo (Salvo Palace) and Teatro Solis are also located in the surrounding, this two buildings are the most beautiful you will find in the city.
From there the neighborhood have several ramifications.The most tourist ones are Punta Carretas and Pocitos. Most of them are connected with the Rambla, this long street extension have different names along the way but is a great way to explore the city by bike or walking, also you will find the local people spending their time, drinking mate or playing sports.

Punta Carretas at the beginning was just a jailhouse area, no one wants to be located on this area, then when the city rises it population they needed to settle down here, the working class started to buy with a good price and this neighborhood was transformed into what is today. An important part of the Uruguayan history was connected with this place, the Jailhouse (now Punta Carretas Shopping) has a lot of political prisoners, the most popular was José Mujica. This party escaped from this jail to continue fighting to liberate the country which at this time had a dictatorship.
Another area less known is Pocitos, a working mid class neighborhood, located next to Punta Carretas.

Here they have the best beach in town Playa Pocitos, this is a long sand beach a few minutes from downtown. It is a colorful place, with many trees and lower flats, a bunch of houses with old style are combined with the modern buildings to create a nice place to live. No attractions will be found here but if you have time go for a walk.
I discover this amazing city with a few days and I fall in love with the people, the culture and the wonderful arquitecture it has.