City Center quick overview

It is informally denominated Microcentro the area where the heart of the city is.

The area is not actually considered a part of the city neighborhoods but if we need to locate it could be between Córdoba Ave., Mayo Ave., 9 de Julio Ave., Leandro N. Alem Ave. and Rávida Ave. It is said that everything start or finish at Plaza de Mayo even the subway lines. Buenos Aires is well-connected, several ways are placed around this city and make it easy to reach, there are ferry and cruise ships, airports, highways, subways and coach.

There you will find the main attractions like Casa de Gobierno, la Manzana de las Luces, el Cabildo, la Plaza de Mayo, la Catedral Metropolitana just to name a few. This area is always busy during weekdays because the financial district is also placed there. Huge corporations are located here, also banks headquarters have they own building on this area.


La Manzana de las luces is the oldest complex of buildings in Argentina and the most important for our history, you can access from Peru st., they have a guide visit al 15hs and it’s the only way to get inside.

Casa Rosada is connect to our past too, the first fortification was placed here where the Ciudad del Buen Ayre has been founded by Juan Diaz de Solis. Today you can visit a part of this old fort inside the Casa Rosada Museum and some of the common areas from the government building.

In front of this house there is Plaza de Mayo, the first square in the city and where the Spanish establish the first stone, this is commemorated by a monument with the shape of a pyramid.

The Cabildo is located on the other side, it was Spain’s colonial administration in the city, this is a small version than the original and a witness of the Argentine Revolution in 1810. Now is a Museum with the history of our country and to visit is very simple.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the Catholic Church’s main site and is where Pope Francis used to perform mass. Inside is the tomb of the liberator General Jose de San Martín and the Unknown Soldier during the Wars of Independence.