TOP 5 – NYC: Concrete jungle

The place which mesmerize me more was New York City, it was everything I was expecting and more.

I began my trip to this city at JFK airport, I was dazzled by the enormous place it is, actually I got lost inside, but when I finally understood how I needed to do to get out, I was 1 hour later. I took me three trains to arrive mid-manhattan. My last stop was Penn Station, a really well communicated place to continue my travel to the hostel.

Everything is easy if we talk about transportation, they are on time and have many services going all day and even at night. My hostel was great too, I was at Hostelling International NYC, a nice place for travelers around the world.

I visited so many wonderful attractions, I want to talk about some of them becausse It will be impossible to describe all. I will make my own top 5 selection.

I went to see the classic broadway show “The Lion King”. The performance was superb and the costumes were incredible. This show interacts with the audience by being around them when the performance was on going. As a musical I expected a good choreography and singing but this was out of charts.
You need to take the tickets in advance because most of the time they sold out quickly but I you are a person who decides at the moment, look for  the bottom of the red stairs from Times Square, here you have Last Minutes Tickets sales, what is this? They sell tickets with a really cheap price from the diverse shows starting at that moment, be aware that not all gets the one they want.

This is the MUST go museum in town. It has two floors but they are wide, the expositions are divided by thematics, you will find many objects from a painting or a sculpture till furniture. It has something from everyone, so this is for me to spend a long time walking around and absorb the knowledge.
Actually the museums are for free in New York, but when you go to get your ticket they will inform you the suggested prize which is 25 dollars, remember that you can do pay as you want option. This is a well equipped place with a cafeteria, gifts shop and audio guide stations.

If you want to look for a great view of Manhattan, this one was for me the best.Top of the Rock has three platforms in different levels to observe. I did it at night but during the day has a great view of the Central Park too.
I highly recommend you to go with patient to get the tickets, sometimes between the reservation and the access to the elevator is a lot, and there is no waiting room, this attraction will be interesting to get a quick overview of the island.

This is one of most recognized and is also the postcard of the city. To get here you need to get a ferry that will take you to two islands. The first is Liberty Island, where the statue and the museum are located. To get the crown you must purchase a ticket with this option. It is a long way up, small steps and narrow corridors. Going up is a little bit hard, there is no resting stations and if there is people coming up and down the difficulty increases. When you get the crown you will find a small platform for no more than 5 people at the same time with no benches. For me It was interesting the view and the possibility to see the structure of this statue from inside.
Ellis Island is the other stop from this attraction, this was the old immigration port where visitors from around the world needed to go through to get NYC. I did it with the audio guide, I really recommend to do it with it, this will explain you everything and will take you to a nice journey to the past.

I always do this when I’m in any town, this is the best way to explore and see how they live.
This for me is a great attraction because everything in NYC is mesmerizing, when you walk you will discover the different neighborhood, by the way they are so clearly defined that is a delight, the architecture is wonderful and you will fill like in a movie. Also you meet all kind of diverse people through this experience.