Know the “Porteños”

When you decide to visit this amazing city, you need to consider a few thing. There are so many statements about the city and the Argentinians, I will try to show you the way to handle the visit to this city.

Argentinian people are most of the time is considere friendly people and we show it when we are greeting someone, the usual thing is to kiss in both cheeks and sometimes  add a hug, this is for men and women. The  figure of “Porteño” as we considered the one who lives in the downtown area occasionally will be rude and difficult to deal with. Do not hesitate to step up if you need to, another tip to keep in mind: here If you don´t go with the mass they will go over you.  We communicate loudly and FYI most of the time we are really sarcastic.

Don´t be insulted about the way we express to others, disrespectful word and nicknames that recall physical characteristics are the ones we use, it just the way we are. If we want to be rude, we will let you know.

The Argentinian people have strong opinions about everything, we are passionate. The main topics you want to avoid are politics, religion and football. Be prepare to have an intense discussion if you want to talk about this.

Another thing to consider is the hours we usually manage. If we talk about meals be aware of late dinners, here we eat around 9 – 10 pm, this translate in our night life, it start around 11pm or 12am and the nightclubs around 1am. This other tip I give you is the unpunctuality, people in Buenos Aires are always late (this is a trend) arrive 30 – 40 min late could be considered normal. I think this is promoted by the traffic at the city and the uncertain transportation situation.  

Speaking about our culture Mate is a really important and a cultural ritual as well. The mate is served by one person, passed clockwise (this is not a general rule) and shared as a sign of friendship, so if you clean the straw for example is considered rude and an offense. In another article we will show you more about it. Tango is relevant in this City also, you can go to a show or dance in a “Milonga” (is a place dedicated to teach and dance).

My last advise concern the security, is a main issue in the country so, be careful of what you do when you arrive, carry expensive things or walking around in some neighborhoods it is not recommended.