The traditional “Asado”

Here we have a tradition and a meal all in one. This is more than just food, It`s part of our identity. The tradition began in the countryside, it`s attached to the Gaucho figure, this character were field workers and wonder the land with the cattle.

They started to eat a lot of meat because they needed to control the cattle, the cow was the center of life outside the capital and it was the only animal they had in abundance.

Today, Sundays is the perfect day to eat an Asado, families and friends comes together to share the table and spend time with their love ones. It start at morning when the people arrive, the designated cooker began to prepare the grill and the elements he will use.

An “Argentinian Asado” is known as barbecue for English speakers and It is just a way to cook the meat.
If you travel around the country, you will see different ways to cook it. The most common way is grilled outside. Also in another part as la Patagonia (the south area of the country) and in another provinces you will see another method called “the Cruz” (the cross) is part of the cow attached to steaks and placed vertically over the fire.
We talk about traditions but now you need to know what we place at the grill. The chorizo (spicy sausage) and the morcilla (black pudding) is served first, like an appetizer, could be followed by several different parts of the cow called “achuras” (this is kidneys, intestine, sweetbreads, just to name a few). The main course is the meat, here you have many cuts and preparations to taste. Chicken, pork, lamb and vegetables are part of this too. The original “Asado” was served alone, nowadays, a salad is nice to be served with the meat.
The ideal beverage to be served with this meal is red wine, a Malbec, this kind is strong, tasty and it`s perfect to mix with the meat.
This is one of the most important aspect you can not miss when you visit Argentina, you will experience an amazing meal and the culture of the country in just one bite.