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Welcome to VIP Lounges

This exclusives spaces are the most wanted when we travel. Sometimes we need to step up and enjoy this experience.

Airports are the most common ones, which offers this experience to VIP, but there are many ways to get in and be a celebrity for one trip. The common lounges are located in International Airports but some important local airports could have a small one.
Also you can find another VIP lounges for example on Cruise terminal, Ferry boats terminals like Buquebus.

There are rooms inside Airports for everyone so you will find amazing lounges even with waterfalls or rainforest inside, others with spa options, expensive meals with local flavors and a select class of wines, PlayStation games and for sure the basic stuff like showers, full meals for free, tv, bedrooms, internet and personal assistance for you.
The ones at ships terminals are more simple, they offer the main things buffet area, restrooms, personal assistance and a rest area.
The access is limited for both so if you don’t buy a First class or business ticket here you have some ways: Skyteam alliance, One world or Star Alliance with the higher frequent traveler programs or with airlines miles, the one I use frequently is with my credit card, how it work? If you have a back credit card they offer in most cases this access.
Another option is The Priority access, this is a VIP affiliation program so if you want you can subscribe this service without having a credit card. You can check the app for knowing the schedule available to get inside.
Remember! They don’t announce flights or ships departure inside so be careful and be on time to your departure door.


Featured Image: Pixabay.