Walking around La Boca

We made a visit to this well known neighborhood.

You can rich the area by public buses, tour buses (the tourist information office from Buenos Aires sells tickets for a hop on/ hop off buses) and if you dare by car.


This is a colorful place located next to the Riachuelo in the south part of the city, at first sight we will find an interesting structure called “Conventillos”, there are small poor houses assembled all together as one, the color of this houses are bright and  could have more than one color.
This is something the old immigrants did when they started to settle down in the city, around 1900s. Most of them used to work for the port of Buenos Aires, the first location was this area, so when the ships arrived with the products they left the goods and the spare paint they have to fix the ships. This paint was the only thing they have at hand, that´s why the narrow passage looks like that.
The main area is called “Caminito”, nowadays you will see a lot of shops and restaurants to satisfy the necessity of eating and shopping. Tango dancers and singers are around all the time, my advice for you is be careful of taking pictures or filming them because they will demand money. The security on this area is an issue, be aware of pickpockets and thiefs.



At the beginning of the street, there is “Fundación Proa” an art gallery and the “Museo Quinquela Martín” the house of the painter Benito Quinquela Martín.
The Museum is an interesting place to know more about an important character of this town, Benito made houses, hospitals, schools and other buildings to help the people who live there. Today, you can visit his house, inside there are paintings and sculptures from Argentinian artists and of course furniture and paintings which belonged to him.
In front of this area there is a small island known as “Isla Maciel”, is not allow to visit touristically because is a shanty town. Also, in the surroundings is Boca Junior football stadium, establish in 1905 and the colors are blue and yellow, this colors where taken from a Suisse ship.
This an excitement place to walk around and known a little bit more about the history of the Buenos Aires.