Travel with Buquebus

Buquebus is a ferry boat terminal located in Puerto Madero. This company is Argentinian and Uruguayan and has their own place with 7 vessels, the most important one is Francisco, the high speed ferry.

They sail to Uruguay, the main ports are Colonia de Sacramento, Punta del Este y Montevideo. Some of this destinations are combined with buses from the same company.

To travel from here you need to present your ticket and your passport if you are a foreigner but if you belong to Mercosur with your identity card is ok.
Did you know that pets are allowed to travel? They can go with you if they don’t exceed 6kgs including the kennel otherwise you need to check with the company if you reunite all the conditions to get your pet on board.
The other thing that is great is the opportunity to travel with your car. Of course this has an extra charge but when you disembark you all set to go.
The terminal is well organized, has immigration office, Aduana and a VIP area. The embarkation area is comfortable, restrooms, coffee shop and many benches to wait.
The vessels are big and comfortable too but Pope Francis (Papa Francisco) is the most great of all’s, is a new generation of high speed vessel which works with biodiesel and has less impact on the environment.

Francis has two floors really well distributed and the free shop area is the biggest one from all the ships. One thing it has is a kids club area with a small movie theater and games.
The services you can use in all fleet are self service restaurant, free shops, exchange service and personal assistance on board.
The experience is something you cannot miss, it is a nice way to arrive to your new destination.